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Save Money On Your Marketing Efforts <i>Money Tree Marketing</i> author tells you how to get more for less.

By Linda Formichelli

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Finally, a book that offers more useful marketing informationthan the usual "Offer a good product and they will come"mantra. Money Tree Marketing has unique, cheapideas for selling your product or service. We spoke with co-authorPatrick Bishop to get a sneak peek at the tips inside.

How can a small-business owner get paidto market a product or service on TV stations orradio?

Patrick Bishop: A majorityof cities have talk radio stations that will sell you 30 or 60minutes of airtime; you can start your own radio show for less thanit would cost you to buy 10 60-second commercials. They'llallot you a certain number of spots you can sell to sponsors tocover your costs and make a profit. For example, a health foodstore in Oklahoma City can buy one hour of airtime from a localstation for about $150. It could then sell five or six sponsorshipsto such businesses as a massage therapist, a chiropractor or aweight loss clinic for $50 to $100 each. [The health food storeowners] would be promoting their own business and, in the process,become health experts. Many well-known national celebrities startedout this way.

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