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Finishing Touches Your site is almost complete...but first figure out how Web surfers will find it and what they'll see when they get there.

By Amanda C. Kooser

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Meta tags and alt tags and interfaces, oh my! There are amillion things to think about when you set out to build yourbusiness's Web site. Below, we examine three critical elementsyou may be overlooking when it comes to what and who you'redesigning for: search engines, graphics-free surfers and usability.Relax: It's not hard to meet the standards surfers expect inthose areas, and our tips will help keep your start-up site on thefast track.

Gotta Have It

  • Search engines: No, your Web site won't justmagically appear in all the major search engines the day youlaunch. We spoke to Danny Sullivan, editor of the, to get a few tips on how tooptimize your Web site for getting ranked. His first piece ofadvice? Do some research. Understanding how search engines work isthe first step toward getting in good with the rankings.

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