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Get Creative With Your Location These teens found unique solutions to the age-old question of where to locate a business for maximum profits.

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(YoungBiz)- What are the three most important factors to consider whendeciding where to open a business? Location, location and location!But if you're a teen business owner, location can be a realproblem. You may, for instance, have little start-up cash, sothere's no way you can afford the high monthly rent of a primelocation. And if you did have the money, you're too young tosign the contracts required to rent a storefront or office. Andbesides, who would mind the store during all those hours you'rein school?

Never fear, say our teen 'trep experts. With a littlecreativity and a lot of determination, you can find a way to solvethe location problem and get your business off the ground forlittle or no upfront cash.

A Place forEverything
While most adult entrepreneurs grapple with the stress of coming upwith cash for rent and utilities, office furnishings and salariesfor employees, these are areas in which starting small can actuallybe an asset. All four of our young experts found they could producetheir products from home--they just needed to find a good place tosell them.

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