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Get Uncomfortable Nobody ever became a success sitting still in the cushy confines of the same ol', same ol'.

By Barry Farber

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

I got sidetracked from my main business several years ago when Istarted working to syndicate a radio program with a world-renownedcomedian. I risked a lot of my own hard-earned money-andfailed. However, the knowledge I gained from that experience andthe contacts I made eventually helped me start my own radioprogram, which led to my TV program, which gave me greatervisibility and credibility. You get the point: No pain, nogain.

The world is full of great, albeit risky, opportunities. If weget complacent and try to take the "safe" route all thetime, we lose chances. Taking a risk means jumping out of thecomfort zone, adapting to changing situations and going beyond thenorm. Here are four ways to do that:

1. Shoot for the big deals. Go after the large accountsyou don't think you can get. Aim for the bigcontacts-presidents, CEOs and key players who can leverageyour efforts. Going for the big deal is like planting bamboo: Itremains underground for four years, then suddenly breaks throughthe earth and grows more than a foot in one day. The next day, itgrows another foot, and the next day, one more. In 100 days, theplant will grow as much as 100 feet.

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