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Getting Carded SD Wi-Fi cards bring your handheld up to speed.

By Amanda C. Kooser

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If you haven't purchased one of the latest and greatestmulti-wireless-option handhelds, you might find your current devicea little lacking. Fortunately, there are options for bringing yourhandheld up to wireless speed without getting a whole newdevice.

It's time to put a spare expansion slot to work. Wi-Fi isyour best bet to boost productivity and get the most out of yourPDA when you're on the road. Wi-Fi cards built for CompactFlashslots have been out awhile. What's newer are SD Wi-Fi cards.Many Pocket PCs and some Palms are equipped with SD expansion slotsto handle these tiny add-ons. The convenience factor is high forsuch small and light options.

Some Wi-Fi card manufacturers to check into include Belkin, SanDisk and SocketCommunications. Most gear-makers like Netgear and Linksys haveCompact-Flash options, but look for more SD cards to reach themarket as the year continues. Some handheld-makers, like PalmOne, have theirown branded offerings. Look for a low-power card to maximizebattery life. The cost of adding Wi-Fi to your handheld can rangefrom $60 to $150. The opportunity to leave your laptop behind onbusiness trips or boost your productivity around the office ispriceless.

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