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Hang Gliding Jumping off a cliff at 3,000 feet? Why <i>wouldn't</i> you start this business?

By Mike Besack

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

What kind of a man grabs a set of artificial wings and chargesfull-blast off a cliff? Turns out, a smart businessman.

Bodhi Kroll's business sense happened to be 2,000 feet offthe ground, not in some office, so he started the San Francisco Hang GlidingCenter-ahem-from the ground up and has seen profits soar sinceopening in 1997. Together with his wife, Hayley, Bodhi has watchedsales climb from $18,000 his first year to $210,000 last year.

Plug in your pun of choice: In this business, the sky'sdefinitely the limit. "I must say, the first two yearswe've seen nothing but growth. And it's so easy. Peoplelove it," says the 35-year-old Kroll. "All you need toknow for hang gliding is, run like hell and don't touchanything."

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