Mike Besack


If That's the Case . . .

Hey, entrepreneurs! What's in your briefcase?

Let Me Think About It

Cell phones, 24/7 e-mail-now it takes a special day just to think for a second.

What's That Clicking?

Web sites entrepreneurs can't live without

Business Coach Tracy Thrower-Conyers

It helps to have someone remind you how fun the tough business world can be.

Hang Gliding

Jumping off a cliff at 3,000 feet? Why <i>wouldn't</i> you start this business?

The Doctor's Franchise Is In

Professionals are getting franchises of their own.

News Director/Author Andrew Finlayson

If you want the right answers, you need to ask the right questions.

Executive Recruiter

An executive search consulting company can be a low-maintenance, and lucrative, start-up.

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