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In High Spirits How to get yourself and your business fired up from the inside out

By Barry Farber

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Enthusiasm. What is it, and how do we get it? It comes from theGreek word "enthios," which means "the godwithin." Isn't that an apt description? Think back to thetimes you've been enthusiastic about something. Think of howenthusiasm has provided you with the energy you need to keep goingand the will to take whatever action is necessary.

What does enthusiasm have to do with sales? Everything. It isthe outward manifestation of our inner passion. Enthusiasm oftencarries us far beyond any skill or talent we may have. Take twopeople who are vying for a job. One has enthusiasm and energy, butnot much experience. The other one has experience and is-at leaston paper-smarter, but lacks energy. Who would I hire? The personwho demonstrates enthusiasm.

Experienced salespeople are a dime a dozen. Give me someone withpassion or drive; they'll go much further than anybody else.Sure, you need to have a skills set and be knowledgeable. And youhave to be able to set goals and know your customers. But withoutenthusiasm, you'll be pulling yourself uphill all the way.

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