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Leaps of Faith It takes more than just research to build a business. You must listen to your gut, too.

By Romanus Wolter

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly seeking new ways to start orgrow our businesses. We research the competition, analyze themarketplace, read special reports, and scour the Internet for newopportunities. Yet we often skip over one of the simplest methodsof discovering new ways to achieve success: trusting our instinctsand our gut feelings.

There is a widely accepted myth that thoroughly researching anidea is the only way to guarantee success. In reality, if we didonly what we knew would work, there would be a lack of innovationand creativity. To succeed, we need to combine both what we knowand what we feel to produce a unique point of view-ourdistinct contribution to the world. This special perspective makesus entrepreneurs and enables us to create real businesssuccess.

Your feelings create an energetic foundation from which you canbuild. Combine these instincts with what you know, then followthese steps to achieve your dreams:

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