Romanus Wolter


Work-Life Balance: Achieve It

No matter how well you plan, there will be unforeseen roadblocks that must be resolved.

Turn Rejection Into Momentum

Don't allow the fear of rejection to stop you from taking risks.

Level the Playing Field

Make sure people in positions of power value your experience and judgment.

4 Ways to Expand Your Confidence

Confidence is a trait that must be nurtured by confronting fear.

Time is on Your Side

Use these 4 tips to kickstart your momentum.

Building a Support Team

Ensure that the people you work with have the skills necessary to expand your business.

Don't Discount Naysayers

Nuggets of truth are almost always present in criticism. Use those to your advantage.

Get Team-Focused

Let your employees, contractors and consultants know your success is their success.

Time to Quit?

It's not about starting over--it's about empowering yourself to keep going.

Keep Up Appearances

The right attitude can mean the difference between failure and success.

Sales On Your Side

Maintain priority status among your sales partners, even if you're a small fish in a big pond.

Manifest Destiny

You may have it all planned out, but little surprises can bring big successes.

Upgrade Your Attitude

Your outlook affects not only how successful you'll be at managing your business, but also how inspired others will be in supporting your efforts.

Let's Get Critical

Constructive feedback can be a big boost for your business.

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