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No Such Thing as Free Money? Will your wish for free money be granted? Don't count on it.

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Q: In a pastcolumn, you wrote "Grants for starting a business are fewand far between." However, plenty of resources tout that thegovernment, by law, has to give approximately $350 billion ingrants for a variety of purposes (think Matthew Lesko). So once andfor all, I need to know whether there are actual U.S. grants or ifthis is just a ploy to sell a directory.

A: There are grants-monetary aidthat a recipient does not have to repay-they are just few and farbetween. Here's what author and infomercial guru Matthew Leskohad to say when we put your question to him:

  • Grants are available, but from less than obvious places, suchas state and local organizations and nonprofits. Finding them isthe issue. Use for state and local information; fornonprofit sources, try searching public libraries.

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