Paul and Sarah Edwards


Born Free

Start freelancing what you used to do as a full-time job.

In The Jeans

My clothing design is ready for the world. Now what?

Speak Up!

How to get work conducting business seminars

Common Ground

Let your venture out of the house by meeting clients at business-ready facilities.

Get It Covered

Insure your business from the start.

Benefits Game

Are benefits within financial reach of a freelancer?

All Bottled Up

How to ensure your homebased wine-selling business doesn't turn into sour grapes

Is Starting a Homebased Business For You?

How you can use existing skills to start your own homebased business.

Tax Tips for Home Business Owners

Get the most out of your refund this year with smart advice for preparing and filing your taxes.

Paying Yourself with Credit Cards

Should you use low-interest credit cards to fund your homebased startup? Our experts weigh in.

Cost-Cutting Strategies for Your Home Business

Run a lean-and-mean home office with these five money-saving tips.

Home Office Tips for Holiday Houseguests

Keep your home business running smoothly with these three tips for entertaining holiday guests.

Setting Up a Homebased Business Legally

This checklist of legal steps and resources is a must-have for any new homebased business owner.

Seven Places to Find Home-Biz Startup Money

Think you've exhausted your money-raising options? Try these fundraising alternatives for your homebased biz.

Stake Your Territory

Keep your startup out of a saturated market with these free business listing sites.

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