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No Turning Back

The dotcoms may be dying off, but their corporate culture is here to stay.

This story appears in the August 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

We just can't stop talking about how those damned dotcomsfailed. But were they failures at everything? Wag a finger atquestionable start-up ideas and practices all you want,but the mind-set at those same companies changed the workplace inways that will matter for years to come.

Affecting everything from how chatty the CEO is to whatemployees wear to work, the easy-going, free-thinking mentality ofthe dotcom workplace has crept into even the stodgiest offices. Andeven though the Foosball tables and Friday-afternoon keggers may bedisappearing as businesses tighten their budgets, the relaxedcorporate those trappings reflected isn't goinganywhere.

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