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Pedal To The Metal Hard facts on the latest software.

By J. W. Dysart

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Too often, Internet accelerators have problems working withmajor online services like AOL and CompuServe. Not so with NetSonicPro. Universality was a key component behind the design of thisprogram, and it delivers the goods when used on all major ISPs andbrowsers.

Load this baby onto your PC, and you'll find a noticeablyfaster Net connection and a significantly enhanced ability to jumpquickly around a Web site. Old friends of the program willappreciate new features like auto-refresh and its ability topre-fetch in background the text and graphics of links on any Webpage you're viewing.

NetSonic Pro
Street Price:
Requires: an IBM or compatible PC, 758K hard-drive space,Windows 95 or higher. Works with virtually all major browsers,including Netscape 3.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 3.0, Aol 3.0 orhigher, CompuServe 3.02 or higher, and Opera 3.10 or higher
Web 3000
Redmond, Washington
(425) 836-3000

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