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J. W. Dysart

Easy Money From a Web Business?

Not exactly. But affiliate marketing has million-dollar potential.

Sign On

Data Becker's Your Handwriting font-creation software

It's Catching

Qualitone Multimedia's Tell-a-friend Broadcaster software for word-of mouth advertising

Moving Day

Tranxition's PT Pro software for easy PC upgrades

Jumpin' JackFlash

Brayder Technologies' JackFlash memory application

Targus Stowaway Keyboard

Easy text-entry comes to handhelds.

TeleEye 324

Internet audio/video for grown-ups

Spittin' Image

Scansoft's PaperConverter scanning software

Nelson Email Organizer

Turning inbox chaos into order

EcBuilder Pro

Manifest e-commerce destiny in a box

Cybermail AV

The incredible shrinking audio/video file

SpeedConnect 4.0

Spinach for your Internet connection

Media Creation Pro Bundle

Hollywood on your home page