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Put Fire In Your Belly Stop staring out the window, flipping channels or checking out E! Online. Here's how to get-and stay-motivated.

By Marty Nemko

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Some babies seem to come out of the womb with fire in theirbellies while others are phlegmatic from the get-go. So ifyou're looking for ways to fire up, I suppose the best adviceis, "Choose the right parents."

But what if you're not naturally driven? I reviewed mycareer-counseling notes on more than 1,400 clients to find thestrategies that have worked best at lighting a fire under theseprocrastinating, unproductive small-business owners. There's noone size-fits-all cure. Looking back, it's clear that eachprocrastinator needs a personalized combination of one or morestrategies. Here's a smorgasboard to choose from:

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