Marty Nemko


Father Knows Best

Business lessons from a business writer's dad . . . and what to pass on to the next generation

How to Find the Business That's Right for You

Ready to dive in the entrepreneurial pool but unsure which direction to go? Follow these steps to help you decide what kind of business is for you.

A SOHOer's Savior

One homebased writer waxes poetic about the virtues of hiring a personal assistant, and lets you in on his hiring, training and management secrets.

Put Fire In Your Belly

Stop staring out the window, flipping channels or checking out E! Online. Here's how to get-and stay-motivated.

Perfecting Your Pricing Strategies

You're no blue-light special. Throw in the extras, play to the customer's needs, and get the price you deserve.


Don't worry. You're not having a flashback to the last time you tipped a cab driver. We're just trying to call your penny-pinching attention to the cheapest home office money can buy.

Procrastinator's Guide To Y2K Preparedness

Feeling as if everyone is Y2K-ready except you? Sure, it's less than a month away, but even procrastinators can feel secure on January 1 by completing the following checkup.

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