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Universal Language U.S. investors aren't the only ones who know a good deal when they see it.

By Art Beroff

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Although the world is home to hundreds of different languagesand cultures, the words business, capital and profitare understood everywhere. That's a good thing for Chris Donatoand John Rapchinski, co-founders of ReMark Partners Inc., who foundthat their road to potential riches began overseas, even if itdoesn't end there. In fact, they recently secured funding fortheir company from investors overseas, demonstrating thesignificant opportunities for capital formation that U.S.entrepreneurs can find outside the United States.

Donato and Rapchinski, both 30, built their Norristown,Pennsylvania-based referral solutions company back in 1999,initially funding their Internet creation with personal savings.Although their vision called for a suite of business solutions,their first product, JobTag, drew on their background inrecruiting. "JobTag is an employment referral solution thatenables companies to use their employees, vendors and anyone withvested interest to [get referrals] through our company," notesRapchinski. "Most of our clients are small to mid-sizedbusinesses, and they've been focused on technology so far.However, we're open to all businesses."

The Internet was at its hottest back then, and capital came fromindividual and institutional venture capital investors. And thoughthe stock markets began to show a fissure in April 2000, there wasstill enough momentum left for ReMark to close a $1 million dealthat May. The proceeds were earmarked for working capital, productdevelopment and the addition of key personnel.

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