Art Beroff


What's It Worth?

Use your inventory or receivables to help fund the growth of your business.

Worth the Price You Pay?

If your search for venture capital feels like it's getting out of hand, maybe you don't need their money after all.

Can I Get a Little Help Here?

You need experience to hit up investors, but no one said it had to be your own.

Write Soon

Regardless of whether your investors' intentions are honorable, you can make sure their letter of intent is.

Royalty Treatment

Instead of selling ownership, sell a piece of the revenue stream.

Out on a Limb

Finding capital in today's battered market means taking risks.

Money Order

Venture capital is within reach, but you have to work for it. Follow these steps to that deal-closing handshake.

Keep It Real

Got a good line to feed investors? Don't bother-they've heard it all before.

Universal Language

U.S. investors aren't the only ones who know a good deal when they see it.

Go Figure!

Ever wonder just what investors are looking for when they pore over all those numbers in your financial statements?

All Dried Up?

Sweeping changes in stock market bode ill for small-business financing-both public and private.

Power Play

Can your lender pull the plug at any time?

Your Feature Presentation

Be a star when you audition in front of investors for a role in their venture-capital portfolios.

Your Butt on the Line

Hate to burst your balloon, but you'll have to risk your money to raise money.

Financial Roulette

Is borrowing from your IRA a healthy risk or a tragic mistake?

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