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Trends for 2003 Want to stay a step ahead of the competition? Keep your eye on these hot trends for the new year.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Remember all that talk a few years ago about how the newmillennium was going to bring about big changes in life in generaland entrepreneurship in particular? Whether or not you'venoticed any of these big changes, some of these trends continue.See if you recognize any of these.

Trend #1: SocialEntrepreneurship
Philanthropy and social activism have been on the rise for severalyears, but they began to soar after the events of September 11. Andbudding entrepreneurs have discovered that a successful businesscan help others as well as themselves. Take Guatemalan-born HildaSalazar, for example. This 22-year-old Washington, DC, residentremembered how difficult moving was for her and wanted to ease thestress for other children in the same situation. But how?

Salazar says she thought about the problems in Mt. Pleasant, thelargely Hispanic neighborhood in which she lives: "Many Latinoparents are not involved in the social growth or education of theirchildren. I wanted to bring parents and kids together."

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