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Corporate Platitudes that Celebrate the Historically Oppressed Must Be Followed by Actions Showing support once a year isn't enough.

By Santiago Villegas Edited by Heather Wilkerson

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When it comes to supporting minorities, there's always a corporation waving enthusiastically once a month for whatever minority is being celebrated at that time. Some spend millions of dollars creating marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns to show how supportive they are. Guess that support only lasts 30 days because, like Cinderella, once the clock hits midnight and the month ends, it's as if they were never there.

With rainbow pride flags waving and social posts about the deep commitments to marginalized communities — what happens after? These communities don't disappear just because the month is over, and many of the challenges they face daily still exist. Where is the ongoing support? These public displays, while welcome, ultimately mean nothing if there is no action and even the superficial displays disappear after the fact.

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