Rifkin & Raanan

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Dr. Rodney Raanan: The Next Generation of Luxury Dentistry Patients want bespoke, personalized care. He provides it – and then some.

Rifkin & Raanan

Within a market oversaturated with exciting offers and guarantees to dazzle your world with the perfect smile, few if any professionals in the dental industry manage to deliver on such a promise.

However, Drs. Rifkin & Raanan- with an unmatched professional approach and all encompassing luxury treatment services- are setting the performance bar in the field and delivering both an experience and set of results which exceed expectation. Just as noteworthy, Drs. Rifkin & Raanan are actively pushing the boundaries of dentistry forward into new, untapped domains such as technology and bespoke luxury. Through the process, they are redefining the perception of the field at large and creating compelling public interest in the new health and lifestyle benefits to be had.

Dr. Raanan has implemented a bold vision to propel the practice into the future by structuring a new model that can sustain a seamless fusion between luxury, traditional and digital dentistry. Dr. Raanan, a Harvard alumni, constantly integrates new technological innovations and bespoke care amenities to contribute to the arc of the dental field's evolution and oversees an award winning team of dental technicians who perform these advanced techniques and services with extreme dedication to their patients comfort and wellness.


A long-time Beverly Hills resident himself, Dr. Raanan attended the University of Southern California School of Dentistry after earning his undergraduate degree at UCLA with Summa Cum Laude Honors. Upon graduation from dental school, Dr. Raanan studied an additional three years at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine to earn his specialty degree in Prosthodontics and a Masters of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology. Seeing as Beverly Hills has no accreditation requirements for cosmetic dentistry specifically, this additional training- accredited by the American Dental Association- substantiates Dr. Raanan's eminent authority in the field.

Dr. Raanan with Professional Model Patient Hanni Larma

A Difference in Care

As a hallmark to his practice, Dr. Raanan employs a unique approach to ensure the maximum comfort- and yes even pleasure- for each of his patients. Dr. Raanan's minimally invasive techniques mitigate any sort of pain or discomfort associated with a visit to the dentist and through every operation he does - from basic teeth cleaning appointments, missing teeth replacements, bite re-alignments, and whitening cosmetic enhancements- Dr. Raanan offers bespoke, personalized care suited to the individual preferences of each patient. Dr. Raanan, understandings that many people fear dental work, gives all his clients the option of using a board certified anesthesiologist to sleep through the treatment and wake up to a beautiful smile.

This personalized and perfectionist care has become the keystone of Dr. Raanan's philosophy "When a patient smiles, that's my namesake on the line, my life's work, so it must be perfect every time," Raanan asserts. It is Dr. Raanan's biggest goal that each patient leaves his office appearing like they have never had any work done, just that they have had a naturally beautiful set of teeth all along.

Even upon careful examination, no difference can be noted between veneers and crowns and the rest of the mouth. All of his veneers and porcelain crowns are carefully hand-crafted with blends of porcelain and customized to appear perfectly natural among the other teeth in the mouth.

Dentistry: A Luxury Art

Perhaps most apparent, Drs. Rifkin & Raanan's practice distinguishes itself from every other dental practice from the ultra luxurious services provided by the fastidious in-house concierge team. Given the nature of his diverse and elite clientele, discretion is paramount. Each patient can request to be privately picked up and driven to the welcoming office space complete with all the modern comforts of home. The concierge can take care of organizing the rest of a patient's stay in Beverly Hills from post- treatment spa at the Montage Hotel to local dining to shopping and entertainment, all together creating a well-rounded and rejuvenating experience that nicely compliments their dental treatment.

As a result, with Dr. Raanan, patients no longer have to cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. They do not have to dread the sterile, cold environment, pain, and discomfort once associated with a dentist's office; instead they can look forward to having a tranquil and refreshing experience in a beautiful space and coming out with the aura of confidence which goes hand in hand with a dazzling and radiant smile.