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Go, Speed Racer, Go Hard facts on the latest software

By J. W. Dysart

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Hurricane 98 is pretty much a no-brainer buy for anyone who logsserious time on a PC every day. It lives up to its primaryfunction--speeding up launch times for your programs. Equallyimpressive: It accomplishes this feat automatically. Simplypoint-and-click your way through an easy installation wizard, andyou're done. There's no further tweaking, no learningcurve. Of course, for those who insist on getting under the hood,Hurricane 98 can be customized and tweaked manually. Other benefitsinclude speeded performance from a cold boot, PC-to-printer, RAMand removable drives, such as a CD-ROM or ZIP.

Hurricane 98
List price: $39
Requires: a 486 computer, Windows 95 or 98, 16MB RAM, 20MBhard-drive space, CD-ROM
Maker: McAfee (Santa Clara, California)
Phone/web site: (408) 988-3832,

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