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Site Unseen? If your Web site gets more misses than hits, the hang-up may be your home page.

By Jerry Fisher

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There's a warning on kids' video games that reads:"While watching certain images, you may experience dizziness,motion sickness or nausea." The grown-ups' version ofdigital fun, the World Wide Web, should also come with a warning:"While waiting for images to load, some viewers may experienceimpatience, frustration or distress." And flashing on everyhome page should be the caution: "The links on this page maycause some viewers to suffer from indecision, uncertainty orvacillation."

Because your home page is your e-commerce storefront, it has tobe welcoming and inviting. That means fast load times and easy sitenavigation. But how many times have you reorganized your penciltray, gone to the fridge or taken a bathroom break while waitingfor all those images to squeeze through the phone cord and ontoyour screen? Despite the supposed "Star Trek" speed oftoday's modems, graphic links and other images still take theirsweet time popping up. Take a good look at your Web site'sfirst impression, and be sure it's not such a laggard thatit's turning people off.

That's my message to Chad Tackett, a personal trainer inPortland, Oregon, who wrote recently. Tackett operates apay-to-view Web site called Global Health & Fitness ( offers counseling on weight loss and cardiovascular health tosome 5,000 online members. He wants to draw more people to his siteand wonders if there might be a quick fix. The answer is yes--andno. Tackett can quickly make his site more inviting with ahome-page makeover, but publicizing it will take more time.

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