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ArialPhone Voice-Controlled Earset Talk all you want-this hands-free earset will listen.

By Gisela M. Pedroza

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Manufacturer: ArialPhone
Street Price: $399
Phone: (888) 973-9925

Now you can take calls in your home office, your kitchen or evenwalking around your backyard. The ArialPhone, a 1-ounce, hands-freedevice that fits comfortably onto your ear, makes use of built-invoice recognition so you can place and receive calls-even interactwith your computer-solely using voice commands. With a 150-footrange through walls, a single-action button alerts the ArialPhonebase station, which attaches to your PC, to listen for voicecommands that can direct the device to access Microsoft Outlook oran address book. The device connects via a USB port and a standardphone jack. The base station (which has two charging slots) willcharge your batteries in two hours, for talk time of two to threehours.

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