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Heavy Duty Need a real workhorse? These vehicles are glad to oblige.

By Jill Amadio

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Is bigger truly better? If you're talking about a stack ofbills, then no; but if your business calls for hauling or towingheavy loads, then a big truck is what you need.

Pickups are big business these days: Ford's F-Series modelsare the bestselling vehicles in the United States. The reason thepickup market has shot up like a rocket is great versatility in theform of six-person quad cabs, a variety of engines and 2,000- to15,000-pound cargo capacities. Diesel engines, which can add $4,500to $5,500 to your price tag, have a life expectancy of well over300,000 miles before they need an overhaul, are less costly tomaintain than gas engines and deliver impressive towingcapabilities.

Engines determine load capacity and the performance you canexpect. The bigger the engine, the better the performance. The mostpowerful engine now is the GMC Sierra's Duramax 6600 turbo V8diesel.

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