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Hottest Business Ideas for 2002 Don't worry. These business may be smoking, but the only thing that will go up in flames is your status as "employee."

By Laura Tiffany

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The time has come. You need to walk into your boss's office,throw down your resignation letter and tell him, "Take thisjob and sho"--well, maybe don't go that far. Former bossescan make wonderful first clients. Nevertheless, 2002 isgoing to be your year, the year when you realize you've waitedlong enough to start your dream business and you actually go outand do something about it.

We'll help you with your first step--finding the perfectbusiness idea. This year, service businesses are reigning over ourlist of the 10 hottest business ideas for 2002. From computerconsulting and referral services to personal training and financialplanning, busy folks are still hankering after people who can maketheir lives easier and make their businesses run smoother. But forthose who'd rather sell a product than a service, don'tworry--we've got you covered as well.

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