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Make A Splash A name like the Toilet-Seat Light can have Thomas Edison rolling in his grave, but it can't sell a product on its own.

By Jerry Fisher

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

A clever product-the Toilet-Seat Light-has young entrepreneurKevin Mbithe, 19, rushing out to run small-space ads to attractattention. And yet he writes he's had "a very low customerresponse." I think I know the problem. It's certainly notthe product itself-it's a stopper. Apart from its obviousutility, you can't help but get a chuckle out of it. However,Mbithe is relying on the name alone to do the work for his ad.

To a degree, because of its uniqueness, the name gets notice.But does it impel the reader to buy? No, because using the namealone, without spelling out a reason to buy the product in theheadline, is risky.

Mbithe also needs to make the offer much stronger. Since mosthomes, and many apartments, have two toilets, I'd present thedeal this way: "Pay just $11.99 for one Toilet-Seat Light andget a second one FREE!" He'll multiply his profit withsuch a compelling deal. And $11.99 is a better price point becausethe product has a higher perceived value than $6.99.

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