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Money Talks Resources that offer guidance on the how-tos of paying your employees

By Robert J. McGarvey

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Can you annoy your employees in the same moment you thinkyou're doing a good deed? Truth be told, many young bossesgrossly mishandle when and how they give out pay raises andbonuses. Understand this: Pay needs to be part of a consistentpolicy. Hand out raises the way Mom raised your allowance, and,guess what, you've screwed up, big time.

True, money is a tough topic. And a boss who rolls straightahead without learning the right way to handle these issues isheading toward big trouble. Plenty of Web sites offer guidance onthe how-to of paying workers:

Just want the basics of paying workers? Follow this link. This is your read because the article, based oninformation provided by consulting firm Effective CompensationInc., walks you through the facts of doing this delicate workright.

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