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On The Line How can I take calls for my part-time business when I'm working a full-time job?

By Paul and Sarah Edwards

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Question: I'm planningto start a professional organizing service but must remain in myregular job until I can generate at least half my needed income.How can I still be accessible to potential clients? Is itacceptable for my voice-mail greeting to state that I'll returncalls within 24 hours? I'll rarely be home to take calls onweekdays. Is it necessary to "apologize" for notanswering calls in person?

Sandra Trca-Black
Story City, Iowa

Answer: Don't bedefensive about not answering your phone in person. Instead,capitalize on your "problem" by lightheartedly saying inyour message that you're out "organizing" orsomething else that implies you're in demand.

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