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Time's Up From prison bars to brownie bars, what's next for Martha Stewart?

By Geoff Williams

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If all goes to plan, on March 6, Martha Stewart will be releasedfrom the big house to her own big house.

What will Martha do? It's been well publicized thatStewart will star in a TV show produced by reality whiz Mark"Survivor" Burnett. She has also indicated plansto write a book about her prison time, and while she hasn'tpublicly discussed a speaking tour, consultant Robert Smith thinksthat's likely.

"If you thought she was in demand in her pre-prison life,she'll be even more so now," says Smith, 31, who shouldknow--he was in prison for six months and a halfway house forthree, for stealing credit cards. He turned his life around in thelast couple of years, forming Rockford, Illinois-based Robert Smith& Associates PR, which expects 2005 revenues of$500,000.

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