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Watch and Learn Building a business on fulfilling every parent's wish: cameras in day-care centers

By Devlin Smith

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Christopher C. Seminatore knows a good idea when he hears one.After a divorced friend commented on how much he missed hisdaughter and wished he could watch her at day care from his homecomputer, the 33-year-old entrepreneur got to work, drafting abusiness plan and raising funds.

In 1999, Seminatore, friend Jeff Etheridge (the company'sidea man), Randy Etheridge and Daniel Carr founded GuardianCam Inc., a San Diegocompany that installs cameras in day-care centers that streamimages across the Internet. Family members are given a user nameand password that they use to log on to GuardianCam's Web siteand watch their child learning and playing.

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