Devlin Smith


10 Tips for Retail Success

Learn the ins and outs of running a successful retail biz from Margarita Olivares of the 'The Startup'.

10 Insider Tips for Retail Success

Learn some of the ins and outs of successfully running your own retail location from a tween clothing and accessories retailer.

Getting Entrepreneurs Talking Online

This web conferencing company is helping small-business owners connect in cyberspace.

Franchise Funding From the SBA

There are three simple things you absolutely must know before financing a franchise: S-B-A.

Learning From College-Age Franchise Owners

These enterprising students made the smart choice to pursue franchise ownership. What can they teach you?

Students of Enterprise

When they weren't studying, these students made the smart choice to pursue franchise ownership--and learned that a college education is about more than what goes on in the classroom. Gives Teenagers A Chance To Play Business

Sites like are giving teenagers the chance to play entrepreneur.

The Sure Thing

Are existing franchise systems always a better bet than startups?

Conversations With a Teen Entrepreneur

Ben Cathers shares his tips and tactics for successfully marketing your business.

What's New 12/03

Healthy meals make a splash.

All in the Delivery

It was perfect timing for this couple to take on a dry cleaning delivery franchise.

Luck of the Draw

A windfall helps one man's small-business dream come true.

The Burning Questions

Before deciding on a kiosk, be sure you've answered three essential questions.

I Spy Something Dyed . . .

Two sisters went undercover to investigate a possible franchise--and liked what they saw.

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