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Devlin Smith


How Will I Know?

You have a great business, but is it franchise-worthy?

All in the Delivery

It was perfect timing for this couple to take on a dry cleaning delivery franchise.

Luck of the Draw

A windfall helps one man's small-business dream come true.

What's New 10/03

A one-stop marketing shop

The Burning Questions

Before deciding on a kiosk, be sure you've answered three essential questions.

I Spy Something Dyed . . .

Two sisters went undercover to investigate a possible franchise--and liked what they saw.

Dramatic Improvement

All the world's a stage for one entrepreneur and the kids who take her acting classes.

What's Hot: Noodles

A new generation of noodle restaurant chains is moving to the forefront of franchising.

You're the Boss

There are some things beyond your control, such as a poor job market. But that doesn't mean you can't control your future. Follow the lead of these entrepreneurs, who bought their own franchises.

Goodwill Hunting?

Then these franchises are worth a look if you need a helping hand--or want to lend one to others.

What's in a Name?

Is a name-brand franchise necessary for success? Orion proves even the smallest name brands can compete with big-name players.

What's Hot: Ice Cream

The inside scoop on how ice cream franchises are going beyond the vanilla.

He's On First

This operator takes pride in being his system's first franchisee

Franchising: The American Dream?

An author speaks out on the pros and cons of buying a franchise.

Worth His Weight

With a growing chain of weight-loss center locations, this franchisee proves he's got what it takes to succeed.