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Giving Testimony Why are you blathering on about your business when you can get happy clients to do it for you?

By Linda Formichelli

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Sure, you know you're the hottest homebased businessto grace this planet or any other. But why should potentialcustomers believe you? Not many homebased entrepreneurs admit thatthey blow, after all. But what if, say, Dr. U. Rock of Zebulon,Georgia, were the one singing your praises? Now that people know anactual customer has been pleased with your product or service, theycan rest assured that you won't disappear with their money to aNew Orleans strip joint.

Since assuring prospects that they'll get their money'sworth should be the number-one priority for every homebasedbusiness owner, read on for the who, how, what and where ofsnagging and using testimonials.

Since Oprah probably won't give you the time of day, you'llhave to settle for regular people. Don't worry-the buyingpublic won't scoff at testimonials from John Q Neverheardofhim."In most cases," says Shel Horowitz, author ofGrassroots Marketing, "what they sayis more important than who they are."

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