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Mobile Mailbox Research In Motion Limited's BlackBerry Wireless E-Mail Solution

By Gisela M. Pedroza

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BlackBerry Wireless E-Mail SolutionBlackBerry Wireless E-MailSolution

  • Manufacturer: Research In Motionlimited
  • Street price: $399
  • Phone: (877) 255-2377
  • Web site:

If you desire a seamless way to access e-mail that works whileyou're on the go, check out the BlackBerry Wireless E-mailSolution handheld from Research In Motion Limited. Featuring 4MBRAM and 304KB SRAM, the BlackBerry works with your existing e-mailmailbox and offers many PDA-like features, including an e-mailorganizer and Intellisync synchronization software. (A PC dockingcradle for synchronization comes standard.) It's a lot smallerthan a PDA, though. Powered by an Intel386 processor, theBlackBerry operates on a single AA battery and weighs less than 5ounces, battery included. An embedded wireless modem providesaccess to e-mail; a thumb-operated trackwheel and a menu-driveninterface make sending and receiving messages easy. Another plus:If the device is turned off or temporarily out of coverage,messages are stored and then automatically forwarded later.

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