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Prepare for Business Takeoff!

Fuel up your entrepreneurial spirit, and then let it take flight.

By Romanus Wolter

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"In preparation for takeoff, please fasten your seat belt, stow your tray tables, and make sure your seat is in the full upright position." When you're flying in a commercial airliner, that's about all the control and responsibility you are given to ensure the flight gets where you want to go, safely and on time. The rest is up to the pilot and the hundreds of other people you never meet or see--just the same as it is when you work for someone else.

When you start exploring the business passion in your heart, you purchase your own jet. Takeoff preparations are radically different. You have to gain self-confidence, double-check all the tools and instruments, and ensure your craft is safe to fly. As you taxi out of the gate, you begin to realize that you're truly in control. Unlike flying in a group to a fixed destination, under someone else's rules, you set your own course. If you want, you can even change the destination midflight. With the right preparation, your flight will be exhilarating. So get your entrepreneurial jet ready for takeoff by:

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