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Every Medical Office Can Use This Simple Tool to Work More Efficiently DYMO's newest lineup of label printers are fast, efficient, and tap the latest tech to ensure employees do their best work.


In the fast-paced environment within the medical industry, things like patient and employee safety, accuracy, and productivity are critical priorities. And as healthcare staffing shortages persist, it's more important than ever that these businesses find effective ways to help employees work smarter and more efficiently.

"Everyone is doing as much as they can with as little as possible," says Jeff Banet, Vice President of Laboratory Sales at ELLKAY. He should know. Based in Elmwood Park, N.J., ELLKAY is a data management partner empowering hospitals and health systems, healthcare IT vendors, ambulatory practices, health plans, and other healthcare organizations. Its laboratory platform is a connectivity solution for registration, ordering, resulting, and state reporting in all 50 U.S. states.

One important way that ELLKAY is fueling efficiency at healthcare offices around the U.S. is by integrating DYMO printer drivers with its LKCareEvolve application, which enables ELLKAY lab partners to "produce instrument-ready barcodes, fueling an efficient workflow for lab staff," Banet explains.

Reducing stress and powering productivity.

DYMO's LabelWriter™ 5 Series printers help healthcare offices streamline all their labeling needs—everything from mailing to filing to visitor management and more. In addition to being fast and accurate, the printers utilize Automatic Label RecognitionTM, which quickly informs users of the size, type, and number of labels remaining, removing all guesswork to keep printing jobs stress-free and with reduced waste.

The printers also use direct thermal technology, so there's no need for expensive ink or toner. There's also no chance of running out of ink in the middle of an important project.

With a compact design, improved resolution graphics mode for clear text, graphics, and barcodes, the LabelWriter series also conserves energy and protects your pocket with an automatic sleep mode.

Modern printing capabilities with customizable applications.

DYMO label printers integrate with third-party software applications, such as ELLKAY's LKCareEvolve, through a free downloadable software development kit (SDK). Using the SDK to enables businesses to incorporate DYMO label printing into their in-house systems and print labels directly from their software to the DYMO label printers.

ELLKAY's LKCareEvolve application supports all DYMO label printers, including the new 550, 5XL (wide format) and Turbo models. DYMO's new lineup of labels come in a variety of widths and colors for durable, long-lasting labels and tapes—which is especially important for healthcare businesses.

"We have confidence in the new label that it will stay affixed and withstand caustic conditions," Banet says. "This new label, coupled with a direct integration with LKCareEvolve, will ensure correctly printed labels that will remain affixed to the appropriate specimen."

Overall, Banet says leveraging DYMO label printers is key to boosting productivity at ELLKAY and for LKCareEvolve clients across the country. "This integration increases workflow efficiency, reduces errors, and increases patient safety and quality assurance," he says.

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