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Fast Forward It's a new year for small business. We asked the SBA's Jere Glover for a glimpse of what's to come.

By Stephen Barlas

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

If small business has a champion, Jere W. Glover is it. The SBA's chief counsel for advocacy since May 1994, Glover roams the federal bureaucracy like a free safety in football, looking for regulatory actions that pose potential problems for small business. His territory includes Congress, where he frequently testifies as the voice of the "little guy," who may or may not be represented by any of the small-business trade associations whose representatives tread the halls of the Capitol.

That role was never more evident than last year, when Glover was a lone voice speaking on behalf of entrepreneurs who would have been hurt by a now-defunct bankruptcy bill supported by all the major small-business groups. Here, we speak with Glover about what 1999 has in store for small business:

Entrepreneur:Will the IRS reform bill Congress passed last year have much of an impact on small businesses in 1999?

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