Stephen Barlas


Bill Battle

Can restructuring save a program that helps entrepreneurs but hurts the budget?

Go South

The sun comes out over Central America with a new trade agreement.

Border Patrol

Congress goes to bat for in-state expansion tax incentives.

Feel the Burn

A new bill could help small companies pump up tax deductions.

Walk This Way

With more funding, SBDCs can lead you in the right direction.

Bill of Health?

New legislation may cure your health insurance pains.

State of the Estate

Will congress finally repeal the estate tax for good?

Standard Issues

New food and disability rules pose challenges for small business.

Thin is In

With new rules, the SBA hopes to cut big companies from its procurement numbers.

Just the facts

The FDA doesn't want any more lies on dietary supplement labels.

Out of Reach

Some say that the SBA is withholding contracts--and important information.

Take a Peek

What does Congress have in mind for 2005? Go back to the future to find out.

What's Cookin'?

The FTC is serving up a new and improved franchise rule, but is it what small-business owners ordered?

Let Them Eat Cake

When it comes to small business, a new tax-cut bill is half-baked.

Wrong! Try Again

It's back to square one for the SBA and its small-business size standards.

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