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Finally, a Company That Wants You to Love Your Health Plan Meet Gravie, a health benefits company that is changing the healthcare industry by putting consumers first – and it's working.


Health insurance is complicated. Open enrollment is a chore. Plan structures are downright confusing. Employees rarely get a straight answer when they have questions. And it's almost always more expensive than anyone thinks—for employers and employees alike.

No surprise, then, that among all types of insurance, health insurance is often everyone's least favorite. Quality health benefits are increasingly under scrutiny by employees who are deciding which jobs to take and keep. Meanwhile, health insurance is often one of the largest expenses employers face. As such, employers of all sizes have been forced to rethink their benefits packages, sometimes leaving employees with even less desirable options.

Benefits today are a safety net for when catastrophic health events occur—not a service that empowers individuals to pursue better health. The health insurance industry is ripe for change. One company that is answering that call is Gravie. "All the data points to the fact that despite enormous expenditure on healthcare by employers, employees are largely dissatisfied and disillusioned with their health benefits," says Gravie co-founder and co-CEO Abir Sen. "Every time they interact with the health system, they get nickel-and-dimed, and they encounter a system that puts up all sorts of barriers to getting the care they need."

Founded in 2013 and based in Minneapolis, Gravie is a health benefits company on a mission to improve the healthcare industry through sweeping changes to the traditional model of health benefits. Gravie's approach is to create a system that truly puts consumers first, which will ultimately be better for all involved. Through innovative plan design and underwriting, Gravie designed a health plan that provides value for every member on day one, not just the 10 percent of the population who have historically used their traditional plan the most.

"At Gravie, we're rebuilding the consumer experience in healthcare, and putting the health of the individual back at the center of the equation," Sen says, a healthcare industry veteran. "Every health benefits company pays lip service to this; we are actually doing it."

That's where Gravie's Comfort™ health plan comes in. Gravie describes it as a health plan that provides 100 percent coverage on most common healthcare services including preventive care, primary care, mental health visits, specialist visits, labs and imaging, generic prescriptions, online care, and more. But get this: No deductibles and, often, no copays.

If less common healthcare needs arise that are subject to the member's out-of-pocket responsibility, there's Gravie Pay, a pay-over-time option members can use to pay for medical expenses that are subject to their out-of-pocket responsibility. Gravie Pay is the first of its kind payment solution that Gravie has pioneered for healthcare, in response to increased consumer demand for buy now, pay later solutions seen across retail industries and beyond.

"A lot of people are disillusioned with their insurance coverage. They don't feel like they're actually getting anything for all the money they've spent, because every time they have to use the health care system they're being asked for more money," says Marek Ciolko, co-founder and co-CEO of Gravie.

One Gravie member recently said, "Having a zero-dollar bill when I need to get help is just amazing. I can get therapy as often as I need and it's taken care of."

Another said, "Having such good insurance that covers so much and so easily is huge for me. It absolutely impacts looking at future job opportunities, it absolutely sets a standard."

Gravie says employers save 16 percent on average when they switch to Comfort. "This has been a positive move when historically, [health benefits] are a huge expense," an employer using Gravie recently said. "All you hear about is rates going up. Gravie is a breath of fresh air."

Click here to learn more about Gravie and find out why the Comfort health plan might be right for your business.

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