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For This Startup, Great Marketing is About Creating an Unforgettable Emotional Connection Blade co-founder Rob Wiesenthal shares the secret sauce behind his company's success.

If you ask entrepreneur and former music-industry exec Rob Wiesenthal, spending all your money on over-the-top marketing campaigns isn't the most effective way to go about finding customers.

Wiesenthal co-founded a company called Blade in 2014, which combines technology with short-distance consumer travel, offering crowdsourced helicopter rides from New York City to destinations like the Hamptons, NY; Nantucket, Mass.; and Miami. Today, more than 100,000 travelers have downloaded the Blade app and registered with the company.

Really effective marketing, Wiesenthal says, is about telling a story. And for Blade it's also about making helicopter rides "adventurous, fun and cool."

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