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Former Food Network Star Willie Degel on Simplifying Operations To grow a business right, you need a system in place, maximizing everyone's strengths and capabilities, and ensuring no one gets lost in day-to-day details.

In the restaurant business, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day fiascos that come up. Food deliveries get mixed up. Waiters don't show up for work. Customers seem upset no matter what you do.

The same could be said for just about any business, in any industry.

No one knows this better than Willie Degel, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. Degel doesn't let the small things distract him from his main goal of growing the Uncle Jack's brand.

Simplifying operations requires more than hiring great employees with complimentary skillsets and attitudes. Successful entrepreneurs also will design systems to manage the details, departmentalizing his employees by project or function, and having managers oversee the work and hold people accountable, Degel says.

For more of Degel's insights on simplifying operations, watch the video above.

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