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All The Right Moves If you like working with kids, Kinderance International Inc. may be just the franchise opportunity you're looking for.

By Alex Purugganan

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The good ol' days of Duck-Duck-Goose and Red Rover ain'twhat they used to be in Clark County, Washington. Ever since DarcyChristman, a franchisee of Kinderdance International Inc., acompany specializing in developmental movement for children, helpedusher in more creative games involving acrobatics, dance andimagery recognition, the customary forms of child's play forlocal preschoolers have been all but replaced.

Christman, who has served as a Kinderdance instructor since1997, is so passionate about working with children, she was drivento purchase her Clark County franchise in January. "The bestpart of the job is seeing the kids' faces when you show up toteach," says Christman, 25. "I can be having an awfulday, and it all changes as soon as I see how happy they are to seeme."

The instruction is designed to prepare kids before they enterthe throngs of public school education. Regularly visiting 13child-care facilities, Christman introduces her students to a rangeof activities, from tap and gymnastics to exercises focusing onbody awareness and motor skills. The sessions also incorporatecolors, numbers and basic foreign language. "Not only do thechildren receive a unique and fun curriculum, but there is alsomore nurturing involved as opposed to conventional day care,"she explains. "The one-on-one lessons, the attention and theemphasis on self-esteem are all vital [to the program]."

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