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Child's Play Find some fairly well-off parents who want their tots taught--and plant a Gymboree of your own.

By Todd D. Maddocks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Unlike those reptilian creatures that eat their young, we keeploving ours, despite their ability to harvest our time and try ourpatience. We want them to grow, to prosper-to get along wellwith others. Besides, the parents of a "wild one"occasionally need to get out of the house. If you see this needconcentrated in an area of young families earning moderate to highlevels of discretionary income, you may have stumbled across a goodplace to put a Gymboree.

The Gymboree Uniform Franchise Offering Circular explains thecompany this way: "The franchisee will operate anontherapeutic sensory-motor child/parent play and music program .. . for children from birth through 5 years."

That description is a perfect example of how legalese can ruinthe fun. My sister, who has two toddlers, simplifies Gymboree'sappeal to customers like her: "It's a great way to meetpeople and watch your child play with the other kids."

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