Todd D. Maddocks


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Working From The Wilderness

People say technology enables you to run a business anywhere. But is it really true? One writer tests the theory, using technology to run his business from a remote area in the mountains.

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What It's Really Like

Are you sure want to know? This entrepreneur gives an unvarnished account of his climb to success.

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Full Steam Ahead

Sure, you've heard it all before--how to start a business, what to expect, etc. But the question remains: What's it <i>really</i> like to start your own business. One entrepreneur shares his story about putting his startup's wheels in motion.

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Portrait of a Franchise

It's been a rocky road, but Jack and Diane are finally nearing their destination: franchise ownership.

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A Perfect Landing

Having successfully navigated start-up negotiations, Jack and Diane get ready for franchise ownership.

Business News

Speed Bumps

Jack and Diane find a few surprises waiting for them as they move closer to realizing their goal.

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