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Franchisees Find Satisfaction Being Their Own Boss, Doing What They Love Pursuing business opportunities in industries where you have experience and skills increases chance of success and franchisee satisfaction.


A consistent desire among individuals entering the entrepreneurial space is the desire for more control over their time and energy. Being one's own boss is a strong motivator. When combined with doing something they love, it becomes very appealing. For Kumon Center franchises, company executives believe fulfilling these motives has been key to the high satisfaction among their more than 2,000 owner/operators.

"With our decades of experience, Kumon has developed a franchise model that is emotionally and financially rewarding for our owner-operators," says Kumon North America's Vice President of Center Network Development John Collins. "Our retention rate is strong, and we continue to grow."

Entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurial spirit is certainly on the rise in the U.S. The Census Bureau reports that 5.4 million new business applications were filed in 2021, surpassing the record of 4.4 million set in 2020. However, about 20 percent of new businesses fail within the first year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Being your own boss may carry the connotation of control, but owning a business or franchise requires a significant commitment of time, energy and finances. Without significant support and training, the demands of ownership can overwhelm new entrepreneurs and contribute to the failure rate. That's why so many entrepreneurs turn to franchises, where training, support and tested processes are built into the business model.

Kumon says its franchisee satisfaction begins when new franchise owners are provided a full orientation to the Kumon Method and the education enrichment program. Low upfront fees and ongoing support for office setup, signage, training and marketing assistance are also attractive to new business owners. The educational centers operate on a regular schedule, with modifications for individual neighborhood centers. Owners know the time demands of their centers and can plan accordingly.

Do what you know and love.

Most people are drawn to industries in which they have skills and experience before starting a new business enterprise. Bakers love baking quality products; coffee roasters enjoy fine coffee. Key to business satisfaction is enjoying the daily work you perform. Those who choose the education field and Kumon business model are no different.

Many Kumon franchise owners come from the ranks of teachers and parents whose own children benefited from the program. As owner-operators, they also serve as the lead instructors for their centers. They find fulfillment in hands-on work with their students. Making a difference in their communities and in students' lives is a significant factor in Kumon franchisee satisfaction.

Evelyn Moche, a Kumon parent and now the owner of Kumon Center of Laurel-Maryland City, says, "It's rewarding to see students progress academically and as humans. Parents and I see total change in the students' attitudes and focus."

The opportunity to work for yourself in a field you love is the foundational key to entrepreneurial and personal satisfaction. In the franchising field, the addition of corporate support and a proven business model can make all the difference for business success.

To learn if the Kumon Franchise opportunity is right for you, visit kumonfranchise.com.

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