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Got Skills? Jim Mousner has a photo of himself at age 5 donning a fedora and carrying a briefcase, playing secret agent. He went so far as to interview with the Secret Service but chose to pursue a different career. His interest in espionage, however, never waned.

By Laura Tiffany

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Today, as the founder of Houston-based creative design firm Origin Design, Mousner puts the skills he's learned as a sleuthing enthusiast to work for his clients, from employing investigative techniques to determine what clients really need to finding graphic design inspiration from counterfeiting investigations. The Secret Service had a lasting effect. "Working in the background and being the quiet hero isn't too different from making corporate CEOs shine and helping protect their brand image from threats," says Mousner, 37, whose business projects more than $3 million in sales this year.

Many entrepreneurs find hobbies an ideal way to unwind after a strenuous workweek. And some entrepreneurs say their hobbies offer skills and lessons they can take back to the office to become better entrepreneurs.

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