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Tech Buzz 03/02 Protecting your Internet Information Server and self-regulating on the Net

By Amanda C. Kooser

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Microsoft Spots

Uh-oh, is somebody hacking into your Internet Information Server(IIS) again? Microsoft programmers may not have a good excuse forthe many bugs in its breach-prone software, but now you don'thave a good excuse for not cleaning up after them. Microsoft'sStrategic Technology Protection Program is a multifaceted approachto making its software safer for businesses. Found at, the program makes fixesavailable for download.

Businesses that suffered at the hands of the Nimda virus or theIIS-munching Code Red worm can take the first step and try out atrial version of Microsoft Security Tool Kit. The kit includessecurity information, service packs and patches to fix softwareholes many viruses have exploited. Free virus-related phone supportis also being offered to business customers.

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