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Here's the Plan 5 minutes are all you need to create a top-notch marketing plan--and get your business ready for success.

By Jay Conrad Levinson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Going into business without a guerrilla marketing plan is a lot like going to battle under the command of a general who tells you, "Ready, fire, aim!" Your guerrilla marketing plan functions like a personal guidebook that has seven sentences covering the most pressing issues in marketing. We know that there are far more than seven issues facing a company about to market, but we also know the close correlation between focus and profits. By all means, scrutinize every aspect of your business, but concentrate on these seven areas.
Prove your concentration by writing one brief sentence covering each area. That's not overly demanding. In fact, all the sentences except the fourth one are short and simple. The fourth one is a list.

A minute is a long time. Do nothing for one minute, and you'll see how much time is packed into that little unit. For your guerrilla marketing to succeed, you need to put a seven-sentence guerrilla marketing plan into writing in five minutes. Read the entire article before you get started.
Don't try to cover everything or say too much in each of your sentences. A guerrilla marketing plan is a blueprint, a framework, a map.
What you're about to create will serve you in startup and continue helping you for three to five years. Although your commitment to this plan is going to make it work, you must still be prepared to make minor alterations to the plan.

A marketing plan this brief and focused has been the cornerstone of many businesses worldwide. It's short enough to show to all interested parties without boring them with details. It's focused enough so that everyone gets the point. Procter & Gamble, one of the world's most marketing-minded companies, creates a marketing plan for each of its products. These plans are as brief as we're suggesting here. Each P&G plan may be accompanied by 300 pages of documentation, but it begins with a clear guerrilla marketing strategy. Do as you like with your own documentation. But get the seven sentences right first.

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